Gateway to My Opinions

I’m Kelly. IMG_4465.jpg I’m a stay-at-home mom, very fat, crafty and artsy, nerdy, cishet, body positive woman in her 30s.

I’m very interested in social justice and what that means in our world.

So interested, in fact, that lately it’s gotten me pretty down and out. Despite a lot of nice statistics saying that people in the US are safer and healthier than ever in many ways, I feel really overwhelmed with the injustices people face on a daily basis. Sometimes I get overwhelmed just from the relatively small amount of injustices and emotional wounding I run into on a daily basis from being a very fat person. I’m pregnant with kid #2, also, which throws a lot of hormones into the mix.

My friendly neighborhood therapist – I’ve seen them off and on since I was 23 – suggested I start a blog. They think it will be a good way for me to express myself and digest a lot of the issues and news headlines that I get angry and sad about. Currently, these headlines are often related to fat activism, scientific reporting, parenting issues, social justice issues like the DAPL and BLM, and the body positive movement.

So, on the off chance people start reading – this blog is the gateway to my opinions. Welcome!


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  1. Dancer says:

    This is the 3d of your blog posts I have read (got here through the recent one strike and you’re out post). Glad your friendly neighbourhood therapist suggested you do this. I’ve got some pondering/mindbending to do on what I’ve read so far. I look forward to reading more tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your take on life.


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