[Review] Torrid Floral Print Challis Button Front Romper


“Cut with a silky-soft, totally chic navy challis and budding with a floral print that’s pretty but never overwhelming, the typically adventurous romper is polished by a button front, defined by a waist-cinching (yet removable) belt and keeps admirers on their toes with a cutout tie back. Rayon/spandex.” It’s only available in a 6 at time of writing this review.

When I tried this on in the store in a size 4, I was struck at how soft and nice it felt. It was tight across the bust. I figured I needed a 5 in order to get enough room up top. All together I really liked the slinky matte of the fabric, the colors and floral pattern, and the heavy drape. I’d never heard of challis fabric before but you can count me as one of its fans now.



I ordered a size 5 once Haute Cash time rolled around. Out of the bag, it felt a little less impressively cool and slinky than I remembered from the dressing room, but that was due to being folded up in a plastic bag. After washing, the fabric softened up again. However, I can’t tell any difference in sizing between the 4 and 5. I still have a tight bust that pulls a bit at the buttons. I also noticed that there are a lot of loose flyaway threads around seams; I suspect that this fabric is probably prone to fraying easily so don’t wear this around stuff that it could snag on (don’t go romping around a rose garden or dog brush factory or anything).


My husband thought this was a very short dress when he saw me in it initially; after I explained what a romper is he said, “so basically it’s harder to get into?” YES. SHUT UP. There’s no denying that a romper requires a little bit more work to wiggle in and out of for bathroom breaks. At one point, I had my baby wrapped and realized that I would not be able to pee without unwrapping my infant, which was a pretty big pain in the ass.

I wore the romper for a very full day. I had on makeup in the morning and ran errands and got a pedicure with the romper on and my baby wrapped as pictured above. Because the romper is cut pretty short, I ran into the same issues you have with anything short – my thighs were sticking to chairs sweatily when I sat down. I also felt a little insecure about flashing people; the legs are basically dress-like and a strong breeze or opening my legs too much in the pedicure chair could have easily given someone a nice peek at pubes sticking out of my underpants.



Despite the sweaty sticking to seats and being a little nervous of flashing, I was super comfortable wearing this all day. I had a little chub rub later in the day, but it wasn’t wicked. The fabric was very cool, even in direct sun, and let a lot of air through. The stretch was nice too; the romper moved with me and wasn’t impacted by me babywearing on top of it (which involves a lot of fabric yanking).

The next day in the evening I noticed some soreness on my upper inner thigh; it was the dreaded chub rub. I’ve got three small but painful zits that popped up after a nice 24 hour delay. I think you could definitely wear short bike shorts under this to protect your thighs and modesty, but that kind of feels like it defeats the purpose of wearing a nicely breezy, short and flirty challis romper. It might pair really well with some of those little bandelettes if they come in your size. EDIT: I did in fact wear this romper with bike shorts and it was not as much of a pain in the ass as I imagined it to be. It worked out quite well!

Count me in on the romper train!




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