[Review] Torrid Space Bikini


I stumbled into this bikini. I had online ordered a swimsuit I loved the look of, but when I tried it on in the store at pickup, it was too small both in length and in the bust. The very helpful staff members there that day told me the galaxy bikini happened to be in stock in a weird way – there was a 5 bottom available from regular stocking and a size 6 top had been returned there so happened to be available. And this is what ended up being a winner for me.

The suit itself is about as comfortable as a bikini is going to be on a body like mine. It’s not too tight, so I feel like I can move in it, but it’s still a bikini, so no I’m not going to go jogging.

The top has an underwire which pokes into my arms uncomfortably in certain positions (sign of a band that’s too loose in regular bras) and the cups really are still too small (I’m a size 46N in US sizes so most sized bra tops are not going to fit me, keep that in mind), but the straps over the tops of the cups kind of play at being additional cup support and make the bountiful quad boob look kind of cute. Also, the swim tops at Torrid seem to favor the longline look; the extra fabric on the bottom always just ends up being more fabric to tuck under my bust.

I do like the bottom quite a bit; my high waisted bikini from Torrid last year I had to wear the bottom backwards to cover my fat flap and not expose my mons to the world through amazing gaps. It seems that at least for this particular pattern, they hit the nail on the head with front-heavy coverage. I feel pretty comfortable with the coverage and only adjusted twice total when wearing on two different days.
I did have to tailor the top a bit; the above pictures are after the first tailoring. For whatever reason Torrid keeps making straps that are removable on their tops; they immediately pop off when I put the suits on. I trim and tack those down and also took in some of the band.

I’m glad the suit is dark and busy; my machine HATES this swim fabric. Probably because it’s pretty thick and supportive, but the tensioner on my dinky cheapo machine could not handle it even with my handy trick of sandwiching the stretchy fabric in tissue paper. Check out the YIKES picture of that thread. I am going to try again with a fresh ball point needle soon because after this wear all that shit thread just stretched out and popped out.

All in all, this suit is really cute. I know it’s out of stock online and probably many stores; everyone seems to love the space pattern a ton. That’s too bad, because generally I would recommend it!



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