[Review] Fresh Apparel Swag


In one of my previous posts, I mentioned Fresh Apparel and how I was frustrated that their sizes didn’t go past 2X. Well, the owner Amanda found my blog and responded. She pointed out a few plus sized items currently available in sizes 3X or 4X and also said, “Finding quality suppliers (that are not using sweatshops) that carry tees beyond 2XL has been one of my biggest frustrations as a business owner.” They can produce some items at extended sizes, both on the larger and smaller end of the spectrum; contact them to get in on that if you run XXS or 4X+.

Then she sent me a box full of swag to try! Wow! I wish more companies responded to criticism by sending the critic free stuff to try. 😉 We swapped a few emails and admittedly I was skeptical of sizing as my life has been filled with trying clothes that aren’t big enough.

The box Amanda sent was pretty sweet; she included a mug, a tote bag, a 4X tee, and a 3X tank top. I’ve tried it all! Here’s my (mostly) unbiased opinion.

I started with the mug; it’s a really nice size. It holds quite a bit; 14oz is a lot of coffee. It’s white with a tall, elongated tapered shape with a standard handle and black text that says, “Welcome to the Shit Show – mom life.” It’s a nice mug; it stays hot much longer than you’d think for the shape and thinness of the cup. The motto, of course, is pretty fun. “Welcome to the Shit Show” is a motto I think most parents can relate to. My only criticism here is really just an overall observation of the “mom life” product line in general – I’m sure someone out there might stumble into this and be like, “I wish this didn’t have a gender associated.” I emailed Amanda and due to the way her products are manufactured, she states she can’t make items with custom logos/verbiage.

The next item is a black tote bag that says, “totally winging it” in gold script. It’s 22x12x5 inches, which is a pretty large tote. Admittedly I did not realize it had a zipper top until I used it as a grocery bag and the bagger zipped it closed for me! (The photo I’ve included is from that grocery trip; the bag is in my trunk surrounded by other bags, one of which has condoms and coffee filters falling out of it.) The tote could probably make a pretty good gym/swim/beach bag; if you’re like me, you need/like multiple large-ish totes for organizational purposes rather than one ginormous one.  I haven’t had it for very long, so I can’t speak to how it holds up over time; it does seem sturdy, though.

Getting into the meat of my review: the tank top. I had the most mixed feelings about it. I do enjoy the motto on it; it’s a nice rose gold which is subtly metallic. It pops against black fabric and doesn’t have a glitter texture (which is good, because I know from experience wearing a baby against a glitter applique rubs babies a bit raw). The fabric is soft and pretty nice against the skin. The cut is good around the neck and armholes, which is often an issue in plus-sized clothing. The bottom of the tank is not hemmed traditionally and that’s my biggest complaint about it. It’s surged for a finish but since it’s not fully hemmed it rolls up. I always want a longer tank top. It’s a decent length, but since the surged hem rolls up it acts shorter than it could be. Also I get caught up in trying to smooth the edge down repeatedly.

I think the 3X fits pretty comfortably minus the rolling hem. I’m bigger busted than many people, so I think the stretching you can see over the lettering in my post-baking picture above will probably not be as much of an appearance issue for most people as it is for me. Overall, it’s a pretty nice tank. I’ll enjoy wearing it. Though, I may add a rough hem on the bottom myself to stop the rolling.

Last up: “Runner” shirt in 4X. It’s a heathered blue and underneath “Runner” it says, “I run my mouth. I run late. I run out of money.” When I pulled it out of the box, I internally rolled my eyes a little and was like meh. Tee with sleeves are usually a no go for me. The verbiage doesn’t really match up with how I view myself generally.

However, I wore it on to go for a nice kid-free walk one hot ass afternoon to have sun protection for my upper body. I ended up jogging a little, so I am a runner! Also when I think about it, yes I do run late these days post-kids, and hello, I have a blog. It’s literally just me running my mouth in text form. Running out of money? Well, thankfully I’m not down to nickels and dimes in my bank account, but I have definitely done too much retail therapy during postpartum depression here recently. 6__6

So, identity issues aside, how’s the shirt? Pretty good, actually. It’s very soft. It’s very lightweight. I didn’t feel restricted at all while exercising and it’s lightweight enough it didn’t bother me too much from a heat perspective. The color is pretty nice, too.


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