[Review] Society+ Juliet Tutu

Society+ is my new favorite clothing retailer. They run from sizes 12 – 32, have very nice quality clothing, and are currently having TUTU WEEK. I’m going to tell you right up front here that you can get the Juliet tutu (or any other tutu) at 40% off plus an additional $10 off with the coupon code Kelly10TUTU until 07/31/17. I’m also going to tell you right up front that you really need a tutu. For real? you might be thinking. Yes, for real. Tutus are the amazing clothing item you didn’t know you needed.


Believe it or not, you can dress a floral tutu down – like with a sparkly tank top and sports bra to take your toddler to the store on a Friday night – or way, way up into the high fashion stratosphere with art deco jewelry, a homemade mantilla, and so much hot pink eyeshadow your boogers turn pink.

What’s there to say about fit? Well, the waistband is elastic. It’s pretty forgiving that way. If you wear your skirts up under your bust – like it’s often styled on the Society+ website – make sure you measure where you are actually going to wear it. My size 30/32 is a smidge too loose around my underbust because it’s smaller than my waist measurement. On the other hand, if you think you might want to wear it around both, I don’t think it’s a huge issue to tighten it up with a very fine safety pin (nothing large – the fabric is quite thin and will show a large gage needle hole).

My only complaint about the skirt is that the elastic inside the waistband floats a bit, so it can get twisted inside the casing and need adjusting to lie flat where it’s supposed to. It’s been no trouble at all to adjust it though – wearing and washing with care will keep it just fine. Remember, this is tulle – it’s going to need some serious babying anyway.


I can imagine this tutu in a lot of ways I may never end up wearing it – like with a denim jacket jacket, white tank top, and cowboy boots. Or with a longsleeved black lace shirt, lace up black kitten heels, and a shiny black clutch for a nice dinner out. Or EVEN a white shirt with red rose print on it – if you found the perfect one, it’d totally go with the Juliet, especially with a solid color scarf and black tights in the fall.

In short – get you a damn tutu. You definitely need one, and they’re way more versatile than you could imagine!


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