[Review] Society+ Anne Lace Skirt


Society+ approved my application to review a piece of their clothing! I’m super, duper psyched. I chose the Anne Lace Skirt to review – they sent it to me for free. There’s your disclaimer. And here’s my (mostly) unbiased review!

I’ve styled this skirt three ways that I’ve decided to call Floral Everything, Shabby Chic-thlete, and Snow White Goes to the Races.

Floral Everything was my dinner date outfit. A humid, sweltering weekday night out with the spouse called for a lightweight floral tank top in a saturated denim color, silver earrings, the Anne Lace skirt, light makeup, and blue and silver floral boots.

IMG_20170731_170303 collage

Confession time: I’ve got an unrequited crush on these boots. I saw them at Target of all places and literally gasped out loud. They are ridiculous and impractical. I thought they’d be great to wear for a walk into a restaurant and sitting around while we eat, then walking back to the car. Uh, I didn’t make it to the restaurant. These boots don’t love me back. In the car ride there my feet were throbbing inside those beautiful boots. I swapped them out for silver sequin Crocs flip flops once we parked. The good news is that the Anne Lace skirt looks great with ridiculous boots, so you can totally pull that off if you manage to find floral brocade boots that actually fit your feet. Or – how cute would this be with floral tooled leather boots?

The only downside to this look is that the Anne skirt kept riding up on this particular top; the two types of fabric did not really play well together. My high waist, where Society+ styles a lot of their skirts, is way smaller than my low waist, so as it rode up, it lost tension and wasn’t snug. It was mildly annoying but I didn’t have the same issue with other tucked in shirts, so I know it was the fabric of this particular floral tank top that didn’t play nice.

IMG_20170801_154422 collage

Shabby Chic-thlete could also be called Baby Spice and Sporty Spice Mashup. Or possibly Trying Too Hard to Be Cool Early 90s Summer School Teacher. Originally I imagined this with a bright white ball cap and plain white canvas shoes a la a fancy tennis playing outfit. Buuut it turned into more of a Lisa Frank thing. Pick out your favorite neon dayglow tank top (with or without sassy comments on it), a brightly colored sports bra, and some flippies and lippie to match the bra. Add some hoop earrings and classy over-your-glasses grandma shades and you’ve got a look that screams “extra in the future in Back to the Future.” Chew some gum and blow bubbles (poorly) for extra sass.


This look was super fun to wear and really comfortable. It’s eye-popping and cute. I wouldn’t recommend actually trying to do tennis or hoverboard in the Anne Lace skirt though, as it’s uh, lace; while your range of motion isn’t impeded or anything (which is awesome for comfort and curve-hugging) it’s still lace and this stuff could easily snag on the kind of cheap tennis racket I’ve used in the past or a bush you’re hovering by.

Snow White Goes to the Races is an over the top classy look; get yourself a black lace top (mine is actually a dress tucked underneath the skirt), cheap pretend giant “diamonds,” a floppy hat, and some bright red lipstick and there you go. Long, black lace sleeves would be amazing here! Or even long black evening gown gloves.

IMG_1143 collage

This was the most rushed thing I did with this skirt. I imagined it out extensively and was the first thing I wanted to do from the beginning, but the timing of this photoshoot was awkward. My 6 month old was pretty pissed I decided to put on makeup instead of make googly faces at her. However, as it turns out, menstrual cramps make for some awesome pouty red lips for classy bitch photos. (Also yes, I did wear this white skirt during my period. I even forgot a tampon at one point and the bike shorts I was wearing underneath were a crime scene but somehow the skirt went unscathed.)

I really love how this ended up turning out. White lace and black lace look amazing together (though if you’re not super matchy matchy, wear a solid black top for this). Slightly terrifying: wearing giant cheap pretend diamonds. I actually snagged the black lace a few times before figuring out I had to hold my wrists awkwardly out away from my body.

IMG_1159 collage

Definitely get the Anne Lace skirt. It’s a lot more versatile than you might imagine and I hope you’ve seen that displayed here. It surprised me a bit how well all these looks worked, quite frankly.


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